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Platform: iOS, Android

Role : Game Designer

Immerse yourself in this circular adventure filled with big and mean balls. Grab your friend, classmate or parents and play a round of this fast-paced reaction game now!

ROTO is a simple and addictive action puzzle game with balls of different sizes. You play as the smallest one. The game offers a simple one tap control and using that, the player has to jump across different rotatory platforms, collecting stars, avoiding deadly obstacles and unlocking more levels as you go.

The rules are simple:
• Reach out the Flag as fast as possible.
• Jump and all collect all stars.

The challenge comes from working out the correct angle and timing to jump between balls and it gets more challenging with the addition of special balls including Bouncing Balls, Hidden Balls, Chainsaw Balls, and Portal which alter the position of small ball.


▪ Top 3 Finalist (Best Free-to-Play Game): Casual Connect Indie Prize Asia 2014
▪ Honorable Mention: Global Game Development Competition 2014
▪ Nomination for ‘Excellence in Browser Gaming’” Indian Creative Technology Awards 2014″
▪ Nomination for ‘Excellence in Mobile Gaming’” Indian Creative Technology Awards 2014″