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Forsaken Mountain

Platform: PC, XBOX ONE

Role : Game Designer


Forsaken Mountain is a game about survival in the darkest night of the Himalayas. It is a First person survival adventure, with rogue-like game mechanics, packed with eldritch horror experiences in a procedurally generated world. Forsaken Mountain is inspired by the concept of unspeakable and realistic horror. The most stressful thing for players is to not know what they will face ahead. To get the best immersive experience, players in The Forsaken Mountain assume the role of an ordinary person, not a hero, they will find themselves drowned in a horrific crisis situation throughout the game.

“Die and try” is the main essence of Forsaken Mountain, backed by the character empirical evolution, where players can advance their characters to suit their play style.


  • Experience the horrors of the Himalayan ranges in a first person, rogue-like game.
  • Procedural game areas and game-play elements to witness new petrifying horrors in every game session
  • Evolve your character to suit your play-style
  • Manage your limited inventory to create a kit to go with your play-style
  • Craft useful items for a combat situation or to find your way out in the darkness.
  • Get along with your buddies to complete additional missions designed for Co-op Multi-player.