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Platform – PC, XBOX ONE

Role : Game Designer


D.G.U is a 3rd person puzzle/action game in the spirit of the old point and click game like Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max and Monkey Island. The player i.e. the student death god has to kill targets assigned to him by his/her trainer. As Death God Assistant, it is the player’s duty to collect souls of people beyond their life span.To successfully complete the assigned tasks, the player must take advantage of the provided environment and items around him. The student death god needs to craft deadly devices to kill his targets while being as discreet as possible.

The player’s creativity will be their best tool as they need to study, device and execute perfect plans.


  • Meet wacky characters and find outlandish ways to kill them.
  • Create heinous plots to plan and execute your target.
  • Make use of your dynamic surroundings to create accidents.
  • Craft innocuous-looking devices to carry out your mission.
  • D.G.U’s adventures take you to an illustrated world of colour filled with intriguing characters.