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Gummy Drops success formula


3 Tier Difficulty


Most match 3, 4 games like Candy Crush, Futurama: Game of Drones respectively to name a few, rate the players using the 3 stars rating system.

Gummy Drop on the other hand has a very innovative approach towards rating and rewarding the players.  The 3 stars system in Gummy Drops is substituted by 3 tier of difficulty for each level

Each level in Gummy drop has 3 difficulty tier, starting with:

  • Intern – Easy Difficulty
  • Architect – Medium Difficulty
  • Master Builder – Hard Difficulty


Players are rewarded accordingly based on the “difficulty” upon level completion.

This approach of replacing the star rating system with the 3 Tier difficulty system, enables designers to break down the rewards for every tier.

Moreover, this also brings in a lot of Replay Value, as the players can play each level in 3 difficulties.

Replay-ability creates more changes to trigger in-app purchases


Map System

Each city has buildings to be built, upon completion of every level, players are rewarded with resources (gold coins and bricks), and resources are used to build the buildings in the city. A level in Gummy Drop is a typical match 3 gird with, with colored tiles.Gummy Drops core game mechanic itself is not very unique, as it follows the traditional match 3 style gameplay. What makes Gummy Drop more interesting is the mashup of match 3 style game play with a thin layer of city building type of gameplay.
You start in “Sydney” and after completing all the levels with in “Sydney” (120 levels) on one or more difficulty, the players can unlock the next city, exploring the entire globe in the process.

  • Upon completing certain objectives in a city, players earn vouchers to unlock any city for a limited period of time. The vouchers can also be purchased from the ingame store, using real money.
  • This encourages players to explore other aspects of the game, than just the core game mechanic of Match 3 and gives the developers a way to control the pace of the game.
  • Players often will go back to their previously played cities to complete all levels at all difficulties in order to achieve 100 % completion or to play the easier levels to earn powerups, lives and boosters to help them in the harder objectives in the newer cities. Irrespective of the reason why the players go back to play the old levels, the exploration in the Map system is a very powerful aspect to engage players.



To conclude Gummy Drop’s strong engaging factor is the map system which blends great with the 3 tier difficult element, resulting in a slow but rewarding progression in the game and high player retention.



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