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Color Picker in Play in Editor Mode – 2 (Application)

In the last post, I set up the plugin that exposes color picker to used in PIE. In this post, we will be looking at it’s application.

Here’s a simple application of the Color Picker tool in UE4.

For this I am just using the first person example template.

First I created an actor type blueprint consisting of just the “box collision” component.

The idea is to pop up the color wheel when the player enters the trigger box and be able to change the color of the walls or revert to the original color.

The color picker will be a part of the widget class. The plugin we installed in the last post gives us a couple of new nodes to toy around with the color picker.

Here’s how I set up my widget blueprint


Blueprints set up for WallTrigger

Color Picker Wheel in PIE

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