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Color Picker in Play in Editor Mode – 1 (Setup)

UE 4 blueprints is the most robust visual scripting tool I’ve ever used in a game engine. I’ve prior experience of working with UE3 Kismet, CryEngine flowgraphs and Construct2 visual scripting, the kind of freedom and simplicity that comes with UE4 blueprints is just perfect for anyone who is not a programmer. I’ve seen a lot of programmers using blueprints to build quick and easy prototypes.

In this post, I’ll go over using Color Picker in the Play in Editor Mode. But first things first, the color picker tool first needs to be exposed to blueprints to work with the play in editor mode. I found a great plugin that does that, created by Epic’s forum member Rama. You can find this plugin here on EPIC’s forums.

To install the plugin on your engine, go to your UE4 directory, you can find that in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.xx\Engine\Plugins.  Just extract the VictoryPlugin folder into the Plugins folder located there.  This will allow you to access the custom Blueprint libraries created by Rama.

After extracting, launch Unreal Editor and go to Edit>Plugins>Victory Plugin, and check the “Enabled” box.

Ideally this should get the job done for you, in case that doesn’t work, follow the steps below.

      1. Close any opened UE4 projects
      2. You’ll need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express or higher
      3. After installation open the project where you’d like to use this plugin.
      4. You’ll now see some additional options available that didn’t appear before.
      5. Then select player controller class, like in the image below
      6. Name is something like TestPlayerController or CPPPlayerController, so you know this is just the purpose of running the plugin and click on “Create Class”. This will start compiling the code and once compiled, the engine will launch Visual Studio.
      7. Now, navigate to your engine folder at Epic Games\4.6\Engine\Plugins. Take a backup somewhere of the plugin that is give you problems and then delete that plugin.
      8. Navigate to your project folder and in the root of your project folder create a folder and name it “Plugins”.
      9. Copy your downloaded plugin inside “Plugins” folder. So, your directory should look like “MyProject\Plugins\MyCustomPlugin”
      10. Go back to Visual Studio and navigate to “Build”>Configuration Manager
      11. A menu with build configuration settings will pop up, change the configuration to “Development_Game” and Platform to “x64” like in the image below. Once done close the dialog box.
      12. Click on the “Build” menu and choose “Build Solution”. This will create the necessary CPP files to run the plugin. Let it build until you see  “Build successful”.
      13. Close your project and reopen it.
      14. You will get a message to build, click on “Yes”. Once it’s compiled you are good to go. 🙂

In the next post, I’ll go over the simple application of the Color Picker Wheel in PIE.




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