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Dance Game : Learning BitMask

In the entire process of building this prototype so far, I’ve been through a lot of learning. I’m learning something new almost everyday, which is a good thing.

After getting some constructive feedback from my coder buddies, I started digging in to what BitMask were, I had a hint at a very macro level that”BitMask” has something to do with binary numbers, but that’s it. I had no idea about how the operators worked and the pure awesomeness of 2n.

I started my mission of learning about Bit Manipulation, with some quick google search. I found an article on “A Quick Bitmask HOWTO for Programmers“. This article helped me to understand what exactly BitMask are. Personally I like this article because, the guy who wrote this was clueless like me about BitMask at start and hence I think I learned it better from this guy as he exactly knew the challenges for a beginner on BitMask.

I’d also recommend this video tutorial series on Bit Manipulation by youtube user ICC0612. He covers a little more in detail than the article above about binary numbers, one bit operations, multiple bit operations and finally bit masking.

You might also want to want to check out this video on “How to count in Binary”

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